Visit Vetoba Temple

Vetoba Temple
Visit Vetoba Temple

Distance : 4km

Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan is Aravali’s main temple and its chief tourist attraction. It is situated on the main Shiroda-Vengurle thoroughfare.
Vetoba’s magnificent idol is fashioned out of ‘panchdhatu’ (5 metals). It is bigger than life-size, 9 feet 2 inches tall, and faces north. Vetoba is standing, in all his glory and power, with a sword in his right hand and an agnipatra (small utensil) in his left.

In the temple’s sanctum sanctorum, Vetoba’s idol is flanked by idols of Shri Dev Bhummaiyya, Shri Dev Purwas, Shri Dev Rampurush, Shri Dev Baracha Purwas (Nirakari) and Shri Dev Bhavkai.

It is a tradition to seek Vetoba’s consent and blessing before undertaking any new work in the temple, or when impediments come in its routine work. Devotees and village people seek His blessings during times of difficulties or before undertaking any new work.