About Us

“Aah, serene. Pristine. Can’t leave.” This is what you will feel when you stay with us at Kay’s By The Sea. A surprise weekend or a longer stay, gift the ones you care about a rejuvenating break far from the chaos of your daily lives.

Enjoy Holidays At Kay's By The Sea

The property is right up on the beach. When you relax in the shack built on a sand dune, you can hear the waves crash. At high tide, watch the sea mist and surf jostle playfully.

Unlike the more populated beaches, Paradise Beach is secluded and private with a sparse local population. The isolation is therapeutic. The clean seabed seen through crystal clear water is breathtaking while the saline air is rejuvenating.

If you need to be by yourself, disconnect from your routine, look within and relax, then this is it.

Time melts as you lose yourself watching the waves swell and crash. Set amidst coconut palms on clean sandy soil, this space offers an uninterrupted view of the virgin Paradise Beach and Reddi Fort.

Cool AC
Sky TV
Wi-fi Service